“Watch out, here I come.” That’s the message which the MANHART MH2 400 WB – our 430 HP wide body car based on the BMW M235i – showcases into the world. The special edition 2-Series is powered by a 3.0-Litre Twin-Turbo Engine (N55) and heavily modified both on the inside and outside.

The 430 HP and 592 Nm are generated by a MHtronik Performance kit Stage 2 including a MANHART downpipe. The MH2 400 WB can be ordered with an optional MANHART intercooler. The tremendous sound comes from a MANHART sport-muffler made of stainless steel with 2 x 90 mm exhaust tips, only available as an export version. The MANHART downpipes do not only have an effect on the sound volume they also help to reduce dynamic pressure in the exhaust system, which has a positive effect on the power output.

Being a real performance car the MH2 400 WB sure comes with a proper suspension. A KW Clubsport 3-way coilover suspension system guarantees good road contact on high speed runs and fast cornering. To handle all of the 430 HP at once it’s neccessary for the MH2 400 WB to be fitted with a six-piston break system with PAGID coating and Stahlflex wiring for the front axle. At the rear, the standard brake system of the BMW M235i remains but is outfitted with PAGID coating and Stahlflex wiring as well.

The trademark of the MH2 400 WB is the 11-piece MANHART wide body kit. The MH2 400 WB was also fitted with a M-Performance front splitter and rear diffusor as well as M-Performance rear wing and mirror caps made of carbon fiber. Lower, wider and pretty confident, this is what the MH2 400 WB makes it very different from the standard M235i. Apart from delivering a proper show the MANHART wide body kit was also developed with a focus on quality and a precise fit to match both ours and the standard of our customers.

The interior is highly customizable depending on the customer’s demands. The displayed car was fitted with a M-Performance handbrake level, gear selector and pedal coverings. RECARO Poleposition bucket seats were fitted as well as a 4-point race belts from SCHROTH. The MH2 400 WB is also fitted with a clubsport roll cage. In order to attach the roll cage, customers have to be aware that the rear seats have to be taken out of the car.

Further extras, which are available, are a MANHART differential (0-100%) and a heavy duty clutch by Sachs Performance. The MANHART MH2 400 WB is a sports car for the extraordinary appearance. Due to obvious changes of the exterior and interior, customers can turn their BMW M235i into a unique piece of machinery that will not be matched quite so easily!

Technical data


    3.0-Litre Twin-Power Turbo Engine (N55)
    MANHART High Performance Intercooler


    Original: 326 HP & 450 Nm
    Tuned: 430 HP & 592 Nm
    Vmax: 250 km/h (Electronically Limited)
    MANHART MHtronik Performance Kit Stage 2


    MANHART Stainless Steel Exhaust System with Valve Control
    MANHART Downpipe Race without Catalytic Converter*
    2 x 90 mm MANHART Tailpipes
    *No TÜV Approval, Only for Export


    MANHART Clubsport Coilover Kit by KW Suspensions
    MANHART Differential (0-100%)
    MANHART Suspension Tuning


    MANHART Concave One in Silk Matt Black
    FA: 9.25 x 20″ (255/30 ZR20)
    RA: 10.5 x 20″ (295/25 ZR20)
    Rim Colour Upon Request Individually Configurable


    MANHART Brake Kit
    FA: 350×34 mm / 6-Piston / PAGID Pads / Stahlflex Brake Lines
    RA: Stock size disc / Stock caliper / PAGID Pads / Stahlflex Brake Lines


    RECARO Pole Position Bucket Seats
    SCHROTH Racing 4-Point Harnesses
    Rear Seat Delete
    Clubsport Cage with Double Cross, H-strut and Gusset Plates
    Awron display
    M Performance Handbrake Lever, Gear Selector and pedal Covers


    MANHART Widebody Kit (11-Pieces)
    M Performance Front Spoiler
    M Performance Rear Diffuser
    M Performance Carbon Rear Wing
    M Performance Carbon Mirror Caps

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