MANHART MH4 550 (F82)

At the request of a racing-obsessed customer, MANHART Performance has built a MH4 550 with the potential to become a true track tool. Under the hood is the S55 3.0-liter twin-turbo of the BMW M4. Thanks to a software remapping, the 6-cylinder now makes 555 instead of 431 hp. Sufficient ventilation is provided by a new carbon intake from Eventuri.

On the exhaust side of things, the MH4 550 is equipped with a new downpipe. In addition to an increased sound volume, the new downpipe also reduces the back pressure in the exhaust system and therefore enables an increase in performance. In conjunction with a new MANHART stainless steel muffler, including valve control, the MH4 550 releases a true acoustic storm at the touch of a button.

Thanks to a KW Variant 3 coilover suspension, the MH4 550 is brutally tuned to deal with high cornering speeds and fast steering. Comfort and convenience have been replaced by the pursuit for maneuverability and agility.

Externally and internally, the MH4 550 makes no secret of where it belongs. A carbon front spoiler from the M Performance series in conjunction with the MANHART carbon fiber hood with GTR air intakes makes the MH4 look much more dynamic than the stock M4. However, the carbon bonnet not only sets an optical appeal, thanks to its GTR air slots, the engine is additionally cooled benefiting from an improved air flow.

At the rear, a carbon diffuser surrounds the ceramic-coated MANHART exhaust tailpipes. Unmistakable is the carbon rear wing, which we know from the MH2 630 Track Edition. The whole package is rounded off by the MANHART design. While other MANHART vehicles such as the RS 500 and the MH2 630 Track Edition have golden accents, the MH4 550 comes with red stripes. A special highlight are the red 19″ stock BMW M rims.

Inside the interior of the MH4 550 occupants sit in specially leather-covered red bucket seats by RECARO. The 4-point SCHROTH belts provide the necessary hold for quick changes of direction and high cornering speeds. Despite purpose-oriented suspension tuning and bucket seats, the fear of back pain remains. Although the “floating feeling” of an S-Class is not provided, the MH4 550 makes surprising concessions when it comes to comfort.

An Alcantara M Performance steering wheel with shift indicator and plenty of visible carbon fiber support the racing feeling. The biggest change is the custom-made roll cage, of course, also in red, matching the appearance of the MH4. Where once the rear seats of the BMW M4 were, you will now only find a fire extinguisher. A likewise red-leathered cover to the trunk saves additional kilos compared to the normal rear seats.

The MH4 550 makes no compromises. 550 hp and 820 Nm lift the track car significantly in terms of performance from his series colleagues. A more dynamic handling and more contact pressure ensure high speeds and a lot of driving pleasure on the racetrack. Anyone who dares to hit the normal roads with the MH4 550 will hardly be able to save himself from the astonished looks thanks to his brutal sound and his radical exterior.

In short, the MANHART MH4 550 turns every ride into an experience and has an absolute addictive potential.

Technical data


    3.0-Litre Biturbo Engine (S55)
    MANHART Carbon Air Intake by Eventuri


    Original: 431 HP & 550 Nm
    Tuned: 555 HP & 820 Nm
    MANHART ECU Remapping


    MANHART Stainless Steel Exhaust System with Valve Control
    MANHART Downpipe Race ohne Katalysatoren*
    4 x 100 mm MANHART Ceramic Coated Tailpipes
    *No TÜV Approval, Only for Export


    MANHART Coilover Kit Variant 3 (3-way) by KW Suspensions
    MANHART Suspension Tuning


    Stock Wheels in Red Colour
    FA: 9 x 19″ (255/35 ZR19 with Michelin Cup 2 Tyres)
    RA: 10 x 19″ (275/35 ZR19 with Michelin Cup 2 Tyres)
    Rim Colour Upon Request Individually Configurable


    Stock Brakes, Individually Tuning Options Available Upon Request


    RECARO Bucket Seats
    SCHROTH Racing 4-Point Harnesses
    Red Coloured Custom Roll Cage
    M Performance Steering Wheel with Shift Indicator
    Awron Display


    MANHART Carbon Hood with GTR Air Vents
    M Performance Carbon Front Spoiler
    M Performance Carbon Diffuser
    MANHART Carbon Rear Wing

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