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    MANHART OPFGPF Deleter (2)

    The solution to EASILY DELETE YOUR OPF/GPF filter

    • Wiring Harness Allowing By-pass of OPF/GPF Sensors
    • Easy Plug & Play Solution
    • Simple Installation & Removal
    • No More Error Messages On Your Dashboard
    • Available for ALPINA, BMW and MINI

    For whoM is the OPF/GPF Deleter?

    The MANHART OPF/GPF Deleter wire harness is available for every ALPINA, BMW or MINI owner with a F-series or G-series model type, whom is looking for a suitable and easy solution that deals with the removal of the OPF/GPF filters from their stock exhaust or for those people who want to install an aftermarket cat-back exhaust system and/or new (race/sport) downpipes, which would require OPF/GPF delete.

    When do you need the deleter?

    Removing the OPF/GPFs from your vehicle only has an impact on vehicles product after July 2018. OPF/GPF filters are part of the stock exhaust system and will be removed when you fit a new cat-back aftermarket system and/or (race/sport) downpipes. Removing the filters will have immediate impact due to the OPF pressure sensors throwing errors or limp mode sequences when you rev over 5000rpm or after a specific mileage. This means you can’t fully use your car. The deleter is a wire harness which takes care of these error messages without having to tune the ECU/DME.

    MANHART OPFGPF Deleter (1)
    MANHART OPFGPF Deleter (3)

    Easy Plug & Play Solution

    The OPF/GPF Deleter is a simple plug & play solution that is designed for easy installation and removal. The installation of the MANHART OPF/GPF Deleter will only take about 60 minutes without cutting or soldering and no prior knowledge is required. Alternatively, we recommend installation by a specialist workshop or one of our dealers. By using the standard or OEM automotive connectors we are guaranteeing full functionality at any time. 

    Available in our webshop

    The OPF / GPF deleter is available in our online store. CLICK HERE for a complete overview for BMW and MINI models. For ALPINA vehicles, please fill in our contact form below for more information.

    Do you have any questions?

    In case you have further questions regarding the MANHART OPF/GPF Deleter, then please leave a message via the contact form below or reach our German headquarters via this phone number: +4920294624445.

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