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    MANHART Present in BMW’s home base in Munich

    We at MANHART are performance experts from Wuppertal who have been refining BMW vehicles into supercars for three decades. Until now, there has not been a branch office in BMW’s Bavarian home. The MOHR GROUP – Finest Brands situated at Motorworld Munich is closing this gap.

    With a remarkable wealth of experience from over 30 years, every vehicle becomes an extraordinary performance car for individualists. Our trademark is the optimization of the power-to-weight ratio through technology swaps, such as the transplantation of V10 or V8 biturbo engines together with the corresponding transmissions from large M models, such as the E60 M5 or X6 M, into significantly smaller and lighter vehicles, such as the E92 M3.

    In the MOHR GROUP store, we demonstrate our expertise with the MANHART MH2 550 CS, while the BMW M2 CS with the biturbo heart of its bigger siblings, the M3 and M4, is already very impressive ex works. With the MH2 550 CS, we are creating a vehicle that is not for the faint hearted and reckless full-throttle driver. But if you treat it with respect, you can expect maximum thrills and absolute driving pleasure. The basic recipe is simple yet sophisticated. Thanks to ECU remapping including map optimization, the MH2 550 CS delivers a full 553 hp and incredible 800 Nm torque.

    In addition to BMW, we also refine Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche and Toyota vehicles. For this purpose, the MOHR GROUP presents the MANHART SUPRA GR 550. The regular Toyota GR Supra is not underpowered ex works, but due to the MANHART Performance Upgrade it is considerably more agile and faster with 550 HP and 740 Nm torque. Even the standard Supra chassis did not meet the requirements and was supplemented by a chassis optimization with H&R lowering springs. As a result, the car is not only lower, but the cornering performance has also been improved.

    The MANHART Performance philosophy of high performance potential and discreet understatement is reflected in the entire appearance of the MOHR GROUP – Finest Brands. The store in the Motorworld Munich impresses with its simple elegance in order to stylishly present the vehicles of our brand and many other manufacturers.


    At MANHART Performance we want you to be delighted every time you shop with us. If you have any questions with regards to the tuning parts, upgrades or any other details or you would like to order your own parts, than please reach out to us via the contact form below.

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