H&R Sport Springs for BMW G1x M850i with Adaptive Chassis


H&R sport spring set for the BMW G1x M850i with Adaptive Chassis consists of four springs lowering the car approximately 30 mm front and rear.

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H&R sports spring sets are the ideal solution if you want to optimize the handling of your car and achieve a sporty look while maintaining the standard driving comfort.

The springs refine handling for more dialed-in driving experience and superb ride comfort. The H&R Sport Springs lower the BMW M850i approximately 30 mm front and rear reducing fender well gap and lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity, which improves handling balance and the vehicle’s profile.

The sport springs are 100% made in Germany and use only the finest quality materials and precision manufacturing to maximize service life, and are premium epoxy powder coated for miles of smiles. They come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Weight 10,000 kg