MANHART Decal Set / Vinyl Wrap BMW


MANHART Decal Set / Vinyl wrap BMW


The MANHART decal set and complete vinyl wrap gives your vehicle a sporty and elegant design. The decal set and complete vinyl wrap for the BMW is available for all models from a different assortment and is available in all colors.

If you are interested in fitting the decal set or complete vinyl wrap on your vehicle, then we will assist you and make sure that fits your specific BMW model. For your individual color wishes, please reach out to our support team or our dealers.

Please be aware that we don’t sell the decal set to people who don’t have MANHART parts on their vehicle. The decal set is only meant for MANHART cars, which are outfitted with our power upgrades (ECU remapping or MHtronik Powerbox).

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Weight 3,000 kg