MANHART OPF/GPF Deleter – BMW F4x Mx35i


MANHART OPF/GPF Deleter for the BMW F4x Mx35i is the answer to a growing demand of clients who are looking for easy removal of OPF/GPF-filters.

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Only for model: BMW F40 M135i / F44 M235i

NOTE: Product doesn’t have any TUV approval! For export use only.

The MANHART OPF/GPF Deleter has arrived. The product offers the answer to a growing demand of clients who are looking for a suitable and easy solution that deals with the removal of OPF/GPF-filters, which are installed in the exhaust line from the engine to the rear end of the Fxx and Gxx model series.

The Deleter was developed as an answer to questions from many clients on how to deal with the removal of OPF/GPF-filters in case an exhaust system is being replaced. Customers that opt for an aftermarket exhaust system on their vehicle might run into issues with engine warning messages and limp mode sequences, which could only be dealt with via an ECU/DME mapping, remap or tune.

For people who want to replace their exhaust with a new aftermarket cat-back system or a non-homologated slip-on/axle back system and don’t want to ECU/DME tune their car due to warranty concerns or the fact that the ECU in their car is still locked, the Deleter is the solution since it will deal with any OPF/GPF errors accordingly.


Removing the OPF/GPFs from the car has major impact on BMW vehicles produced after July 2018. Specific pressure sensors are able to detect that the flow through the exhaust becomes quicker when you remove the filters. The pressure alters and the sensor will throw an error message anywhere above 5000 rpm or after a specific mileage.

This means that you cannot fully use your car that might have a brand new exhaust system without disabling this sensor. The Deleter will deal with the OPF-Delete and make sure that you won’t have any errors anymore when you decide to change your stock exhaust for a new aftermarket system. Disabling the sensor via an ECU/DME tune is not required anymore.

For six-cilinder single turbo vehicles we not only deliver the OPF-Deleter, but also an additional CAN MIL Deleter. This extra tool will also be installed and is required to not have any check engine light (CEL) after changing the catalyst(s) or GPF(s). The error entry that occurs by changing the catalyst(s) and/or the GPF(s) will be disabled by the Deleter.

In combination with an aftermarket downpipe

Customers who will install de-cat “race” downpipes, will also be able to use the Deleter alongside a CAN MIL Deleter solution, which deals with the removal of the catalytic converters. Customers who will install aftermarket “sport” downpipes, will also be able to use the Deleter.

Fitting a new downpipe and removing the OPF/GPF while using the OPF Deleter product only works successfully when an aftermarket downpipe allows for the connection to the pressure sensors. You have to keep the connection to the pressure sensors in place to allow the solution to work. The new downpipe must have the two tubes, which connect to the pressure sensors which are shown on the images above. Be aware that downpipes without the pressure sensor tubes can’t be used in connection to the product shown here.


The plug & play installation will take about 90 minutes without cutting or soldering. The installation is possible without any prior knowledge through available and illustrated installation instructions. Alternatively, we recommend installation by a specialist workshop or one of our dealers. This is due to the fact that in some cases (max 5%) an additional OPF replacement reset is required in the ECU of your car. This can only be done by a specialist.

The key important factor of this product is that you won’t have any error messages, which are generated in the memory of the engine control unit and no aftermarket engine tune is required. If you have any specific questions, than please feel free to reach out to the team at MANHART Performance.

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