MHtronik Powerbox for BMW G1x 7-Series


The MANHART MHtronik is the easiest way to improve the performance of your BMW G1x 7-Series with up to 650 HP and 900 Nm.

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The MANHART MHtronik is the easiest way to improve the performance of your BMW G1x 7-Series with up to 650 HP and 900 Nm.

As a simple plug and play solution, you can install the MHtronik powerbox between the original engine control unit and the engine sensors to exploit the power reserves of your vehicle. The MHtronik can be easily be installed and removed without the original engine control unit being affected.

MHtronik for the BMW 730i offers an upgrade from 258 HP to 310 HP and from 400 Nm to 501 Nm.

MHtronik for the BMW 740i offers an upgrade from 326 HP to 418 HP and from 450 Nm to 580 Nm.

MHtronik for the BMW 750i offers an upgrade from 449 HP to 518 HP and from 650 Nm to 730 Nm.

MHtronik for the BMW M760Li offers an upgrade from 610 HP to 650 HP and from 800 Nm to 900 Nm.

Our MHtronik auxiliary control units are connected to the engine at one connection point only. Depending on brand, model and engine variant, this connection point can vary. Typical connection points are for example rail pressure sensor or boost pressure sensor. A detailed description of the appropriate connection point for your vehicle, including pictures for the installation of our MHtronik can be found in the supplied installation instructions.

The advantages of the MHtronik are:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • High quality case
  • TÜV part certification
  • Communication between MHtronik and vehicle happens constantly and every millisecond.
  • Water, oil and exhaust gas are always controlled.
  • Higher performance only if the operating temperatures are achieved.
  • Please note: Our MHtronik is optimised for the use of 98 octane fuel. A minimum octane content of 95 is required to ensure proper function, but there may be a slight loss of performance. If the vehicle is filled with 93 or 91 octane, proper function and the specified additional performance cannot be guaranteed.

For additional questions and specific requests, please reach out to our support team or our dealers.

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Weight 4,000 kg
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