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    The very best in exclusive BMW Tuning since 1986

    Hello BMW owner! Are you looking for more horsepower and torque for your beloved bimmer? Or are you looking to upgrade your car with a nice carbon hood or new aftermarket exhaust system that gives your BMW a nice roar? Then you’ve come to the right address. We at MANHART Performance specialize in tuning luxury cars to high performance standards. In particular BMW’s! Curious about what we can do for you?

    Our BMW software tuning solutions

    We offer a wide range of software tuning services and products that can significantly improve the performance of your BMW. The easiest way and fastest way to get more power is our MHtronik Powerbox, which is an add-on ECU that was developed to be an easy simple plug & play solution.

    The best thing about this MHtronik Powerbox is, that you can install and remove it yourself without losing your warranty on the BMW. Other options for more power include our specially designed software that remaps the original ECU software on your vehicle. Your BMW will gain power without the requirement of any mechanical changes. 

    You can order the MHtronik Powerbox directly from our website. More information about the MHtronik? Check out our online store or contact us below.

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    OUR BMW Hardware upgrades

    Next to high performance, you also want your BMW to look good right? That’s why we also offer a wide variety of hardware upgrades that make your car look awesome but also improve the overall performance. Think of high quality lightweight carbon fiber parts, Concave One aluminum rims, a new stainless steel exhaust or downpipes, or a complete suspension upgrade. We offer all these options! 

    our BMW Performance kits

    If you want a major overall boost in performance, we offer our performance kits. These kits are at the heart of our MANHART tuning solutions. Our in-house developed performance kits consist of a wide range of parts such as a turbo upgrade, a gearbox upgrade, a newly fitted intercooler, an air intake and custom software tuning. If you’re interested, please reach out to our team below for more information or check for different options our store.

    Do you have any questions?

    In case you have further questions regarding our BMW tuning offering, then please leave a message via the contact form below or reach our German headquarters via this phone number: +4920294624445.

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