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    About MANHART Performance

    True High Performance Cars

    The MANHART Performance team can look back on more than three decades of optimizing vehicles and gaining unparalleled experience in this field. The special focus of MANHART was started with refining M-GmbH vehicles, but has actively expanded into the world of Audi, Cupra, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen.

    We focus on a wide variety of brand and models, while offering you as our client the option to create your own unique vehicle (both contemporary and classic) based around our philosophy. You can also order specific tuning parts via our web store, which can be installed in our German workshop or via our partners worldwide. Our focus is on the right kind of details, which you as our client require from us.

    At the heart of our wide range of tuning upgrades, both technical and visual, you will find the optimization of the power to weight ratio. This trademark of the MANHART company offers our international clients a constant high standard incorporated into the many comprehensive modifications which we develop in-house. We at MANHART offer, sell and install our parts on a daily basis and in great numbers across the globe via our partners and dealers.


    Part of MANHART Performance’s corporate philosophy is to take into account and satisfy the needs of individualists who do not want to settle for the “normal”, but seek the “extraordinary”. This creation of the particular is achieved through the construction of high-performance vehicles that display their power more or less openly. An enormous performance potential and understatement do not form diametrical opposites according to the MANHART performance philosophy, but rather – for those who would like to call their proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing” their own – they can best be combined.

    One of MANHART’s core competences is the development, production and distribution of weight-optimized performance products. Our MANHART product portfolio ranges from in-house developed carbon fiber parts and high-grade exhaust systems to perfectly fitted wheel/tyre combinations. Upon request, we work with our international clients on creating unique projects, which offers both interior and exterior visual enhancements next to a wide range of technical and aerodynamic upgrades improving the vehicle’s performance drastically.


    MANHART’s history begins with company founder Günther Manhart. The German business started by offering chip tuning services for BMW vehicles, but it later expanded to include a range of aftermarket parts and accessories. It is recognized for producing some of the most powerful and high-performance BMWs on the market. Today, it has a global network of dealers and distributors, delivering the ultimate driving experience for its customers and their vehicles from brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG, MINI, Porsche and Volkswagen.


    MANHART is born

    The company was founded in 1986 by Manhart brothers, Wilfried and Günther, as a small car workshop in Hückelhoven, Germany, which was part of fuel station set up. Initially, the company focused on repairing and maintaining BMWs. However, they soon began to develop their own modifications for BMWs and other high-performance vehicles.


    MANHART’s early years

    In the early years, the company focused mainly on providing tuning services for BMW vehicles. As the business grew, Manhart expanded its product offerings to include a range of aftermarket parts and accessories for BMW and other high-end vehicles, like the Mahlert 850 CSi Lightweight. During the period 1992 to 2004 Günter Manhart worked exclusively for Hartge, AC Schitzer and Hamann Motorsport.


    Engine swaps

    In the middle of the 90’s, the company moved its headquarters to Geilenkirchen, Germany, and expanded its product range to include wheels and body kits. As supplier he was focused on engine transplant projects. All Hartge H50 were built by Manhart, and also all prototype cars from AC Schnitzer were built by Manhart.


    Expansion under new leadership

    In 2005, Christoph Erfurt joined the company and started to develop step by step Manhart Racing as a well known brand for BMW tuning worldwide. In 2011, Mr. Erfurt took over the company as sole shareholder. Erfurt has since led the company’s growth and expansion into new markets, while continuing to uphold the company’s reputation for high-performance tuning and aftermarket parts for BMW and other luxury vehicles.


    Most notable creations

    Over the years, Manhart has developed a reputation for producing some of the most powerful and high-performance BMWs on the market. Some of the company’s most notable creations include the MH3 V8 R Biturbo, which was based on the BMW E92 M3 and featured a twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 743 horsepower, and the MH5 S Biturbo, which was based on the BMW F90 M5 and produced a staggering 800 horsepower.


    Expanding its portfolio

    In addition to its tuning services for BMW vehicles, MANHART also has expanded its range of aftermarket parts and accessories for other high-end vehicles from brands like Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes-AMG, MINI, Porsche, and Volkswagen. These include everything from carbon fiber body kits and performance exhaust systems to custom wheels and interior upgrades.


    Leading in automotive tuning

    Today, MANHART Performance is recognized as one of the world’s leading automotive tuning companies, with a global network of dealers and distributors and a reputation for producing some of the most powerful and high-performance vehicles on the market. The company continues to push the limits of automotive performance and innovation, with a focus on delivering the ultimate driving experience for its customers.

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