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  • MANHART MH2 GTR II 01 of 01: Unparalleled with 715 HP

    Unleash the beast within. The MANHART MH2 GTR II 01 of 01 is a true masterpiece, boasting 715 untamed horsepower and a design that exudes pure dominance.

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    MANHART CRE 700 - 725 PS in the new C63 AMG SE Performance

    Rediscover the soul of the C 63 with MANHART's CRE 700: Combining raw power and hybrid efficiency for an electrifying driving experience!

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    X5M (F95) & X6M (F96) LCI MANHART Carbon Package

    Discover the powerful elegance of the X5M (F95) & X6M (F96) LCI with the impressive Carbon Package. Order the fusion of innovative design and performance now!

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    Thor Carbon Package for BMW XM G09

    Secure the first production slots exclusively for our Thor Carbon Package for the BMW XM! Pre-order customers enjoy a 12% price advantage. Contact us now!

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    MANHART MH2 560 (G87)

    Introducing the all new MH2 560. The first project from our MH2 line-up based on the M2 G87. More power, more dynamic, more carbon.

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    We have expanded our carbon portfolio for the BMW M3 G81. A new front spoiler, carbon bonnet, boot spoiler and add-ons on the rear bumper, all made by MANHART, now adorn our MH3 650 Touring show car. All parts are now available in the shop.

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    MANHART MH5 900 (F90)

    The MH5 900 is the most powerful of its kind. With 928 hp, the MANHART Carbon Portfolio, new exhaust system and Alcantara starry sky, the MH5 900 is also the most individual MH5 900 ever.

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    MANHART RV 650

    Our latest customer One Off is here. The MANHART RV 650 based on the Range Rover P530 with exclusive interior refinement in red/gold as well as more power thanks to software tuning and a new exhaust system with valve control.

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    MANHART V 350

    The Mercedes V-Class becomes a MANHART V 350 by installing a TopCar Design Bodykit and a MANHART MHtronik additional ECU. The result: A 280 HP super fast and luxury people carrier. We have transformed this MPV in our MANHART headquarter in Wuppertal.

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    Car Tuning

    This is Manhart Performance

    35 years of refinement

    The MANHART team can look back at 35 years of experience in dealing with the optimization of luxury and sporty vehicles in which a unique wealth of know-how has been acquired. MANHART initially turned its attention to the refinement of vehicles from the BMW M-GmbH, but has since then expanded its lineup of brands and vehicles drastically.

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    Focus on detail

    We focus on a wide variety of brand and models, while offering you as our client the option to create your own unique vehicle (both classic and contemporary) based around our philosophy. You can also order specific tuning parts via our web store, which can be installed in our German workshop or via our partners worldwide. Our focus is on the right kind of details, which you as our client require from us.


    At the heart of our wide range of tuning upgrades, both technical and visual, you will find the optimization of the power to weight ratio. This trademark of the MANHART company offers our international clients a constant high standard incorporated into the many comprehensive modifications which we develop in-house. We at MANHART offer, sell and install our parts on a daily basis and in great numbers across the globe via our partners and dealers.

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    IN-house development is our specialty

    One of MANHART’s core competences is the development, production and distribution of weight-optimized performance products. Our MANHART product portfolio ranges from in-house developed carbon fiber parts and high-grade exhaust systems to perfectly fitted wheel/tyre combinations. Upon request, we work with our international clients on creating unique projects, which offers both interior and exterior visual enhancements next to a wide range of technical and aerodynamic upgrades improving the vehicle’s performance drastically.

    “We turn good cars into very special cars.“

    — Christoph Erfurt, Founder


    MANHART is known across the world for the exclusive and limited series creations, which you will find across our website. Our tuning projects have reached clients across the world. They cherish our exclusive offering of tuning projects, which offer a lot of performance at attractive conditions. Limited by nature, the projects are all individually tuned to your requirements.

    Based upon your request, we can offer you specific unique touches to any of the different upgrades. Together with our partners and dealers, we offer even enhancements to our existing line up of products and parts, which you will find in our store. For specific needs we are available during office hours to work with you on your dream specification and see where we can alter, enhance and address any specific questions or ideas you may have for the interior, exterior or the technical set up of your sporty/luxury contemporary or classic vehicle.

    Reach out to our MANHART sales team for more information and a tailored offer in connection to your desires. Share with us your dream specification, special wishes or other requirements and we will be there for you to help you through the process of creating what is on your mind. The MANHART team is here to help and assist you along the way.


    Interested in acquiring a vehicle available in our fleet? We offer a wide range of used and brand new cars. Have a look into our stock of fully built MANHART sports and luxury cars. You find our fleet here:


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