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    Even more carbon fibre for the MH3 650 Touring

    Some time ago, we presented our MH3 650 Touring based on the BMW G81 in baby blue guise. When it was unveiled at Tuning World Bodensee in 2022, the MH3 650 was already clad in plenty of carbon fibre from our own production. Among other things, the MH3 650 was given a kidney grille, front bumper add-ons, add-ons on the wheel arches and sweeping side skirts.

    While we used some M-Performance parts for the release of the MH3, we have now taken the time to equip the baby blue Bavarian with even more parts from our carbon portfolio for the G81. The 650 hp station wagon now proudly wears a MANHART carbon bonnet, as it was already fitted to our MH4 GTR II. While the original front spoiler of the M4 CSL was initially fitted under the imposing kidney grille, a MANHART front spoiler now adorns the face of the MH3.

    All carbon elements on the front of the G81 can also be fitted to the front of the M3 saloon as well as on the M4 Coupe and Convertible models. We have also taken another look at the rear of the family sports car.

    The estate-typical tailgate now also got its share of the carbon cake and was decorated with a carbon trunk spoiler. But that wasn’t enough for us, so the rear bumper was also given a visual upgrade in the form of the two-piece carbon add-ons. The MANHART carbon intake remains in the engine compartment, as it did when the MH3 650 was presented in 2022, with only the diffuser and mirror caps remaining from M-Performance.

    In contrast to the 21-inch Yido rims, the updated MH3 650 now also comes with a set of 21-inch MANHART Concave One rims in diamond polished on both axles.

    With the additional visual upgrades, we as a brand are once again expanding our carbon portfolio and are proud to give our customers the opportunity to customise their vehicle even further according to their wishes.

    All further facts as well as price and delivery information can be obtained in our shop or directly from the MANHART Performance sales team.

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