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    MANHART CRE 700 – 725 HP IN THE NEW MERCEDES-AMG C63 SE Performance

    A year ago, Mercedes-AMG launched the brand-new generation of the flagship model C 63, based on the 206 series. As the new name addition “E Performance” already suggests, the car relies on a hybrid system combining powerful combustion engine and electric power. Thus, the mid-range performer promises breathtaking performance with a system output of 680 HP and 1,020 Nm of torque. The somewhat problematic point in this story: Instead of the previous V8, a two-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine is now used as the gasoline engine. This results in a significant loss of prestige for the AMG. We now aim to bring back part of the C 63’s soul with the help of a refinement package. Introducing our CRE 700!

    As the new model designation of the revised sedan already suggests, we have identified optimization potential despite the impressive factory performance. The installation of our MHtronik additional control unit increases the power of the turbocharged four-cylinder. As a result, the datasheet boasts 725 HP and a maximum torque of 1,120 Nm in terms of overall output.

    We also supplemented the exhaust system with sport downpipes including 300-cell catalytic converters. These components give the four-cylinder a significantly more powerful sound. However, both named components do not have TÜV approval and are therefore intended for export only. At least for now: We want to wait and see how the tuning market for the hybrid C 63 develops in the future. If there is sufficient demand, adding TÜV-approved components to the program is undoubtedly possible. In this case, we have decided not to make any adjustments to the braking system. However, individual upgrades are available for our customers upon request.

    In terms of appearance, we have settled for rather subtle changes with the CRE 700. MANHART lowering springs by H&R lower the body by approximately 20 millimeters. The black-painted body also received our typical MANHART decal set with decorative stripes and lettering. Chrome elements like the prominent Mercedes star on the front as well as door handles were blacked out to make the overall picture more coherent. The factory matte black AMG wheels are also adorned with red accents. Alternatively, other individually configured finishes are possible here as well. The dimensions of the Y-spoke wheels are 9.5×20 inches all around. Nevertheless, the Michelin tires differ slightly in size, with 265/35 ZR20 at the front and 275/35 ZR20 at the rear.

    The interior already comes with bucket seats and red accents such as the seat belts in the F1 Edition base vehicle from the factory; here, we saw no need for further enhancements.

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