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    The MANHART MH2 560: Introducing our first project based on the BMW M2 G87

    The M2 of the G87 series has been on the market for almost a year now. Since then, it has increasingly established itself as one of the most sought-after performance bullets in the compact class. No wonder: 460 HP and 550 Nm from a three-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine are quite impressive. And that’s just the beginning: The M2 has a lot more to offer in terms of driving dynamics and more. So it was only a matter of time before our technicians would start refining the new model. Now the time has come: The first M2 G87 interpretation is our MH2 560.

    As is customary for us, the attached digit in the new vehicle designation is an indication of the performance: The increase by 100 to now 560 HP and a hefty 650 Nm of torque is thanks to our TÜV-approved MANHART MHtronik additional control unit. On the exhaust side, there are MANHART Sport Downpipes with HJS catalytic converters with ECE certification as well as a MANHART stainless steel exhaust system with valve control function and four matte black 100-millimeter tailpipes on board. Downpipes and rear muffler of the MH2 560 kit are completely TÜV-compliant in this combination. But the summit has by no means been reached yet: Alternatively, we offer MANHART Race Downpipes and OPF-Delete replacement pipes with 200-cell catalytic converters and OPF/GPF Deleters. However, these are intended for export only due to the lack of TÜV approval. At the same time, we would like to give a small hint that our journey with the M2 is far from over, and we already have further expansion stages planned.

    As usual, the engine upgrade is only part of the conversion. In addition, the MH2 560 is characterized by a whole series of optical refinements. The coupe sits on our proven MANHART Concave One alloy wheels in diamond-polished finish with dimensions of 9×21 inches at the front and 10.5×21 inches at the rear. The tires measure 275/25ZR21 and 295/25ZR21. On request, the combination of 9×20 inches with 265/30ZR20 at the front and 10.5×20 inches with 285/30ZR20 at the rear is also possible. Individual color finishes of the wheels are possible as always. Not only to ensure that the new wheel/tire combinations fit well under the fenders but also for improved driving dynamics, the MH2 received our MANHART suspension optimization. The centerpiece of this is a MANHART Variant 4 coilover suspension by KW Suspensions. Alternatively, we also offer a set of MANHART coil-over springs by KW Suspensions for all customers who find the V4 a bit too dynamic.

    While the M2 already appears quite muscular from the factory, this did not stop us from equipping the MH2 560 with a veritable arsenal of carbon body parts. Thanks to our MANHART Carbon hood attachment and carbon kidney grilles, the front looks even more dynamic. MANHART front bumper inserts and an Alpha-N front spoiler lip in carbon are added, along with MANHART side skirts to carry the carbon look to the rear, where a MANHART carbon spoiler lip on the trunk and an Alpha-N carbon rear diffuser provide further highlights. Of course, our typical MANHART decal set in matte grey/blue couldn’t be missing, and to round it off, there are M Performance mirror caps. The interior is enhanced by MANHART floor mats, and the specific MH2 560 show car comes from the factory with plenty of carbon in the interior; for the first expansion stage, we didn’t see the need for further refinements here.

    All further facts as well as price and delivery information can be obtained in our shop or directly from the MANHART Performance sales team.

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