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    MANHART MH8 600 Arrives in Style

    The 8 Series is one of the best cars in terms of driving comfort, luxury and enjoyment for the driver. But why not travel to business meetings, special holidays in an extraordinary way? MANHART Performance took this idea and transformed a luxury Gran-Tourer into the MH8.

    The MANHART Concave One 20-inch wheels give the vehicle a more aggressive and dynamic appeal. These wheels give this vehicle elegance and sportiness. They also distinguish your MH8 from a standard 8-series. The carbon accents, the spoiler and the lip underline the sporty vocation of your GT.

    The vehicle has been deepened by 30 mm with H&R springs. The performance of the MH8 has been increased to 621 hp, you will never worry about arriving late somewhere.

    In one sentence: power, comfort and sportiness. A perfect blend between GT and cruise missiles.

    MANHART MH8 600 Arrives in Style
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