Concave One Rim Set for Mercedes-AMG C 63 – Silk Matte Black


The MANHART Concave One alloy wheels offer a unique look and weight optimization. This complete set of silk matte black rims are for the Mercedes-AMG C 63.

Size: 8.5×19″ FA / 9.5×19″ RA
Weight per wheel (19″): 11.4kg FA / 11.8kg RA

Size: 9×20″ FA / 10.5×20″ RA
Weight per wheel (20″): 12.9kg FA / 13.9kg RA

Size: 9×21″ FA / 10.5×21″ RA
Weight per wheel (21″): 13.95kg FA / 14.7kg RA

Delivery time: 60 days


The MANHART Performance Concave One aluminium rim for the Mercedes-AMG C 63 in “Silk Matte Black” maintains the perfect balance between quality and unique design. Designed by MANHART and made of high quality aluminium, the Concave One offers some performance advantages. The aluminium rims help to increase the driving comfort compared to normal steel rims, especially when so-called low profile tyres are fitted.

Short and hard impacts are no problem for the Concave One due to the use of aluminium. The essential power-to-weight ratio in motorsport is also positively influenced by the low weight of the Concave One. In addition, the improved thermal conductivity leads to more effective cooling of both drum and disc brakes.

We also paid great attention to the design of the Concave One. The concave basic shape, combined with the six filigree and symmetrically arranged double spokes, allows the rims to appear strikingly large and dynamic, but without being obtrusive when mounted on your vehicle.

In the “silk matt black” finish, the Concave One embellishes particularly black and white vehicles by creating a clear contrast with lighter vehicles or supporting the “Steath Look” with dark vehicles.

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