TopCar Design Part 18 Carbon Roof Spoiler for Mercedes G-Class Inferno

Part 18 – The carbon roof spoiler from TopCar Design for the Mercedes G-Class Inferno is made entirely of visual carbon fiber.

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Part 18 – The carbon roof spoiler from TopCar Design for the Mercedes G-Class Inferno is made entirely of visual carbon fiber and ensures an optimal combination of sportiness and elegance.

The Inferno body kit for the Mercedes-Benz G-class from TopCar Design can be considered as one of the most advanced products manufactured by the company, and has a huge number of both individual elements and complex components. The kit is also suitable for the AMG G 63.

The front bumper resembles the AMG corporate style with an A-shaped central spoiler, but it primarily retains the overall style of TopCar Design. The bumper consists of 11 visible elements and many other components hidden from the observer’s eyes: the front bumper with three air intakes and a number plate, the lower lip splitter, the central A-shaped spoiler, the cover plates on the right and on the left and a pair of LED running lights with the function of directional indicator.

The front of the car also includes a carbon fiber bonnet, head light protection covers and a Shark logo cover. The engine bonnet consists of 6 parts: the upper and lower halves, a heat shield, gill air intakes and a decorative insert in the front. The bonnet is made of carbon fiber and kevlar. The inside of the bonnet is finished with carbon-kevlar composite with Military style weave. The design of the bonnet has regular extensive contours and gill air intakes.

Most of these elements are made of carbon and have two top coating options — for further painting or finishing with carbon. The product shown here is delivered in visual carbon fiber, if you prefer a primed version for painting than please let us know.

Due to complex technological features which are part of the manufacturing of this high-quality product, the TopCar Design team is only able to produce one single kit in 14 days! This truly confirms the fact that the G-class Inferno is one of the most complex and exclusive kits on the market. The Inferno G-class owner is guaranteed to become the center of attention in any city in any country of the world!

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Weight 100,000 kg